About Us


Goldfields Print & Packaging Christmas2013Goldfields Print was started by Graham Hill in 1970 with 3 people working in a rented corner of a warehouse manufacturing circular labels for the centre of vinyl records for Pye electronics and with the growing record business, Goldfields had the contract to produce the full colour gloss sleeves for the record albums.

“Forget L&P, Paeroa has an unacknowledged place in New Zealand’s music history……….just to the right as you cross a narrow bridge into the town is Goldfields printing factory where for so long most of the vinyl album sleeves in New Zealand were produced”.

44 years later we are still based in Paeroa, exporting our own range of product to Australia and have a growing number of great customers who can get their printing and packaging needs filled by a dedicated team of people who believe that a happy customer is the key to our success.


Our Team

Jacqui Buckton DayJacqui Buckton Day – Director

After 12 Years in the Film & Television industry, Jacqui moved to Paeroa from the big smoke and has never looked back. Administration and being bossy is her thing. Her background is in Production Management, Marketing, Finance and Administration.

Jacqui has been with Goldfields for just over 8 years and has worked for a variety of industries, starting her career aspirations studying Civil Engineering (NZCE) at Carrington polytechnic, before choosing a totally different path as a lonely accountant. Falling into accounting was kind of an accident but the experience in Administration has formed a great solid base from which to understand the importance of having a great team and the dynamics of business today.

Mike AndersonMike Anderson – Production Manager

Mike stepped into the world of print in 1984 as a bright shiny cherry apprentice and by 1985 had joined the exclusive printers club; losing half his finger to a Sanjo rotary letter press, his hazing was complete and indoctrination into the world of printing done and dusted.

Mike became a trade certified printer in1987 whilst at NZ Labels, continued on to become advanced trade certified in1988 and ISO 9002 Audit qualified.
Our Mike, not being satisfied with working the presses and losing his finger, spends his spare time hunting fish in everyway possible.

In Mike’s career he has produced 6 Pride in Print award winning jobs, has operated a plethora of print and finishing machinery including a 6 colour press and continues to lead production for Goldfields Print & Packaging.

Nina Stroeven – Account ManagerNina

Our Beautiful Nina is passionate about all things print and packaging.  Having run her own successful business for years, Nina strives to bring the best to our customers. Knowing how important it is for you to be happy with the print and packaging we create for you is her key focus. Nina is based in Auckland but is happy to assist you wherever you may be. Contact Nina on 021 022 02772 or email service@goldfields.co.nz


Robyn SaundersRobyn Saunders – Production Administrator

Leading the Bindery and Prepress side of our team we have Robyn who has been with Goldfields for 15 years and notes that her knack for getting out of sticky situations is from her past experience in making jam for a Gourmet jam company. Robyn ensures that our high standards and quality are upheld on the production line and guides each of our customer’s precious jobs all the way through to dispatch, waving them goodbye as they zoom off to happy clients.

Cathy Cathy Overdevest – Machine Operator/  Office Line Co-ordinator

Cathy has a background in printing and works in our printroom wrangling the diecutting machinery. She also co-ordinates our Office Line stationery dispatch and jumps in with bindery when required.


Mardy Rata

Mardy Rata – Customer Service/Estimator

Among other things our customer service queen and enjoys looking after our customers and making sure they are all happy. In her hay day Mardy played Representative rugby (for the girls!) and luckily for us no one snapped her like a twig and she can still walk.  She is a great member of the team and if there is anything that you require, Mardy will be only too happy to assist.

Amber FriisAmber Friis – Designer

Amber is the baby of the Goldfields Family and joined us straight from College 8 years ago. Amber is qualified in Graphic communication & Design and over the many years at Goldfields has honed her design skills; she has a great rapport with our customers who love her. Amber is currently on Maternity leave after having twins!!

Joshua WanhillJosh

 Josh heads our prepress design department and has a diverse background in art production and graphic design. He has a fantastic eye for detail and design and is always happy to guide our customers through the creative process so that we can achieve the optimum result for your precious product.

Glenys GreyGlenys Grey – Bindery and Dispatch 

Glenys started working for Goldfields Print, collating colour paper or doing the butterfly dance as I like to say, in June 1994 and then was asked to help out in the main factory (how big was this place then??) where she apparently got lost and has been here for the past 18 years. Luckily for her prize winning Samoyed dogs, she finds her way home upon an evening to feed and take care of them. Glenys is Robyn’s right hand and supervises all the bindery processes.

Maryann Ogle – BinderyMaryanne

We are very happy to have Maryann back in the team! After several years absence and one child later, Maryann brings her knowledge and experience of all things bindery to Goldfields again.



Allan ScottAllan Scott – Glue Machine Operator

Allan operates the great big Glue machine with ease and says he’s laid back, I wonder why??? You can also find him out driving the brand new Goldfields Van, delivering goods directly to the customer, always with a smile on his face.  He is into all the things that make life in NZ great, camping, fishing, 4 Wheel driving.

Nico Steenkamp

Nico Steenkamp – Printer Extraordinaire

Nico originates from Namibia and is experienced in all aspects of printing, he can put his hand to any project, has an exceptional eye for matching colour and detail. A whiz on reconditioning and fixing our machinery……BONUS…. Nico is Bike mad, always busy and very much a family man with a beautiful Namibian wife and 2 Kiwi baby daughters.

Mike Hayes Mike Hayes – Driver

Mike is a chartered accountant by trade which is very handy to have around but alas he has decided that he has had enough of the office and a desk and has chosen to driven around the country for us. He will deliver your job to you with great care and always with a  smile.  His new nickname is Speedy Gonzales and he has a lovely relationship with the NZ Police who write to him regularly.

Charmaine Steenkamp – AdministratorCharmaine

We are very lucky to have a matched pair! Charmaine is the beautiful wife of Nico and mother of 2. Charmaine has previously worked for Goldfields and we are happy that she is back to help us in administration.